As usual, service was just what was needed; efficient, no delays, courteous, friendly. A pleasure to spend time with your staff. And, Taran has one of the cutest little girls on earth. Thanks

-John F, Port Townsend, Washington

Personable, thorough, & always confident of the quality of work. Thank you!!

-Sue and Steve S

Professional and courteous service service every time.Thank you Travis and Taran!

-Janet N

As always, I was treated with great customer service and consideration. More important even than how I felt as a customer of Autoworks: They fixed my car in a very timely way, found a way to save me some money, and vacuumed the interior, which really needed it. Thank You AutoWorks!

-Steve Gillard, Port Townsend, WA

Excellent service! All work was explained so that I could understand. I appreciate that they stayed in touch the whole time my van was in the shop, nothing was a surprise in the end...Got my vehicle back in great running order! Be prepared to pay for what you get, good mechanics aren't cheap...Thank you Autoworks!

-Jaclynne Harrell, Port Townsend, Washington

The people at Autoworks are always responsive to the needs of my vehicles. They are friendly and responsive. Most importantly, I believe they have been honest and forthright with what needs to be done.

-Jane Ludwig, Port Townsend, Washington

I have used AutoWorks for almost twelve years, since I moved to Port Townsend, and I have never had a bad experience. They are thorough in their diagnosis of problems, open about discussing the solution(s), and carefully explain the procedures and what they will cost. I find them to be totally honest and dependable, and have recommended them to friends several times.

-Nancy Greene, Port Townsend, Washington

The most professional and complete auto service I have ever had.

-William Dean, Port Townsend, Washington

As usual, Taran, Travis, and team were great, . They called to remind us, got the job done on time, and gave us good advice for another upcoming repair. We'll be back.

-Diane B, Port Angeles, Washington

Amazing team that has worked with me for years and provided platinum service. I trust this team with everything mechanical and not only stellar repairs but knowing that they are pricing their service reasonably not to gouge me yet to maintain their profit margin to be successful. Clean, knowledgeable, very professional, feel like family !!!!!

Debbie G, Port Townsend, Washington




Here's the deal. I love this place. They are great mechanics, fair and honest. The problem, everyone else loves them too. I couldn't wait a week and a half to get the starter on my wife's van fixed and had to go somewhere else.


The team at Autowerks always goes above and beyond. They're thorough, precise, and nice guys. I could get my car worked on much closer to home, but it's worth it to go the extra miles for a shop that goes the extra mile for me.


They replaced the serpentine belt on my Mercedes SUV, and it later failed due to their work. I had to pay them full price again.

I think I'll take a chance and answer this one. The only B. Miller we've had in who owns a Mercedes was way back in 2016. We did do a serpentine belt, but we only charged the customer once. If this is you, and the belt failed, I would certainly hope you would have brought it back so we could replace it under warranty. Also, if this is you, we replaced a water pump over three years before the serpentine belt, and we did replace the belt during that repair, as it is what we do. There were 25,000 miles put on the vehicle during those three years, though, and between repairs. I would hardly call that a failed belt!

- AutoWorks-WA

These people were the worst! I took my car there with a gas leak and was told I would have to wait 3 weeks. They finally gave me a loaner, but they asked for it back before they had even looked at my car. When they finally looked at it, I was told nothing was wrong with it, but in trusted myself and didn’t believe them because of the strong intermittent gas smell. I took my car to Gary’s Automotive, and the next morning Gary’s said the gas was leaking like a sieve and that it was extremely dangerous to drive. Gary’s fixed the leak exactly where I thought it was, and it has been fine ever since. Not only did they not fix the car, but they were rude and disrespectful to me. Giving them one star is generous!

While most people know us well enough to know that your statements aren't true, I've decided to go ahead and answer to your accusations. This is Kris, btw. I have also talked with Gary, just to make sure we weren't wrong. First, you came to our shop off-schedule, and had never been here before. We had a full schedule of customers ahead of you, and we told you that right up front. You had the opportunity to take your car somewhere else. Second, the loaner cars were out already, and I told you that. We did end up getting one loaner car back, which we then loaned to you, for free. Third, when we asked for the loaner car back, as it was promised to someone else who was scheduled long before you showed up, you said no. I explained to you that it doesn't work that way. I may have been a little direct, but you don't get to refuse to return someone else's car, because you and your situation aren't any more important than our other customers, and they had scheduled in advance! Even after that, we fit your car in to get you back into yours when you brought the van back. We searched your car from top to bottom, and there was no leak,and we have pictures to prove everything we say. Lots of oil leaks, but no gas leak. When you came back in, you had already called another shop and said you didn't believe us, and didn't want the paperwork. So basically, we charged you nothing and lent you a car for a week, then you moved on. End of story. When I talked with Gary, I told him what had happened here, and what you put in this review, and he said that wasn't what happened at all. He said you brought him a part, a fuel pressure regulator. He said they inspected the car from top to bottom and found nothing and told you that. Same as us, he was going to send you on your way. He said you talked him into keeping the car overnight to see what happened the next day. He said the next morning, the fuel pressure regulator started leaking. He said, and I concur, that it was a total fluke that it even leaked for him. The odds of that happening and him finding it were slim to none. You should feel very fortunate that the car decided to act up at that moment. In fact, you should feel as fortunate as Gary was incredulous that the very part you brought in ended up leaking. The last thing we want is for someone to leave our shop with an unsafe car. Unsafe cars and drivers kill people. All of that said, I wish Google had a better, less public, way to dispute an erroneous review, but they don't, so here we are. I have every confidence in the abilities of my techs, in the friendliness of my staff, and their professionalism. Unfortunately, I was the one who offered you the loaner car when it was back between customers, and I was the one who had to be direct with you to get it back. My techs and staff are wonderful, but sadly, it's usually when we bend over backwards to help someone that we get a result like this. We won't let that stop us from continuing to be who we are, and who we have been for the last 16 years!

- AutoWorks-WA

Consistently great experiences at autoworks. Trustworthy kind staff.



Great service and great resource if they can’t provide your specialty. As a female customer I always trust their service and recommendations and really appreciate them and their advice on helping me to prioritize services that need to be done to work within my budget.


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