As usual, service was just what was needed; efficient, no delays, courteous, friendly. A pleasure to spend time with your staff. And, Taran has one of the cutest little girls on earth. Thanks

-John F, Port Townsend, Washington

Personable, thorough, & always confident of the quality of work. Thank you!!

-Sue and Steve S

Professional and courteous service service every time.Thank you Travis and Taran!

-Janet N

As always, I was treated with great customer service and consideration. More important even than how I felt as a customer of Autoworks: They fixed my car in a very timely way, found a way to save me some money, and vacuumed the interior, which really needed it. Thank You AutoWorks!

-Steve Gillard, Port Townsend, WA

Excellent service! All work was explained so that I could understand. I appreciate that they stayed in touch the whole time my van was in the shop, nothing was a surprise in the end...Got my vehicle back in great running order! Be prepared to pay for what you get, good mechanics aren't cheap...Thank you Autoworks!

-Jaclynne Harrell, Port Townsend, Washington

The people at Autoworks are always responsive to the needs of my vehicles. They are friendly and responsive. Most importantly, I believe they have been honest and forthright with what needs to be done.

-Jane Ludwig, Port Townsend, Washington

I have used AutoWorks for almost twelve years, since I moved to Port Townsend, and I have never had a bad experience. They are thorough in their diagnosis of problems, open about discussing the solution(s), and carefully explain the procedures and what they will cost. I find them to be totally honest and dependable, and have recommended them to friends several times.

-Nancy Greene, Port Townsend, Washington

The most professional and complete auto service I have ever had.

-William Dean, Port Townsend, Washington

As usual, Taran, Travis, and team were great, . They called to remind us, got the job done on time, and gave us good advice for another upcoming repair. We'll be back.

-Diane B, Port Angeles, Washington

Amazing team that has worked with me for years and provided platinum service. I trust this team with everything mechanical and not only stellar repairs but knowing that they are pricing their service reasonably not to gouge me yet to maintain their profit margin to be successful. Clean, knowledgeable, very professional, feel like family !!!!!

Debbie G, Port Townsend, Washington


These guys are awesome, the gave me honest advice over the phone about my car problem even though they had nothing to financially gain from it.


I would not recommend this place. I bought a car from the owner and I had the owner and mechanic tell me it was fine. After driving it for a few days, I noticed something was wrong. I took the car back to them and asked if the transmission was ok. A mechanic took it back for 15 minutes and told me that everything looked fine. A few weeks later and a second opinion, the transmission was going out and the cost to repair is more than the cars worth. They were very dishonest with me when I took the car back to them to asked about the transmission. I will not be wasting any more money or time at this establishment.

Ordinarily we would not respond to anything like this, but this begs for a response! First, I'd like to point out that this person did not buy the car from Autoworks, but from the owner's daughter. We had nothing to do with the sale. She came back to our shop several weeks after purchasing the car, and acted as if we owed her something because the car was making a noise when she shifted into gear. Out of our own kindness, we had one of our technicians look at the car, and it was determined that there wasn't anything obvious wrong with the car. It was determined, and observed, that she doesn't wait for the car to completely stop before changing gears from reverse to drive. Again, we had nothing to do with the sale, except for the fact that the transaction happened to occur in our parking lot. In fact, this girl is still driving this car, and I highly doubt she had the transmission replaced, because it is a $1500 car that she paid $1000 for. What is truly unkind, dishonest, and fraudulent according to Washington State law is leaving a poor review with a business you have never done any business with in any way, shape, or form.

- AutoWorks-WA

I was told that my Expedition needed $700.00+ work on the front end. In fact, I was told that I shouldn't drive it very long or a wheel may collapse. I went somewhere else to get a second opinion and found out that the problem was relatively minor and it was fixed for $300.00. They also wanted to charge me $500.00+ to change the fluids in my Ford Ranger. Only after complaining did they finally reduce the bill to $230.00, even that was too much. Granted I should have gotten a pre-work estimate like I did for the Expedition--my mistake. These people are very friendly but I would suggest that you go somewhere else for auto work.


Amazing customer service - attention to the customer's needs was superb. Technical knowledge and explanation of same awesome!

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