Transmission Service

In todays cars and trucks one of the most overlooked systems that can cause a lot of heartache is the transmission.  Your transmission in the magic box that takes the power your engine makes and sends it to the wheels.  If it's not working right, or fails altogether, you're probably going to meet a very nice tow truck driver.  Simply servicing the transmission fluid periodically can go a long way in keeping your transmission healthy and problem-free.  At Autoworks we help you keep tabs on the fluid level and condition during routine service visits.  If we see your transmission fluid showing signs of deterioration, we'll let you know.

Quite often when someone reaches out to us with a concern that their transmission is having troubles we find the problem is actually something else which may be significantly less costly.  If you're feeling something you think might be a transmission problem, give us a call for an appointment.  We'll evalutate it for you and help you find out for sure what the issue is, and what kind of options you have to remedy it.

If it is a transmission issue, we'll help you determine what your options are so you can go forward with a plan that makes sense to you.  No matter what the need is, you'll be covered by our 3 year/36,000 mile warranty.  If transmission does need to be replaced, in some cases we are able to offer an even longer warranty.

At Autoworks our focus is on reliable, high quality repairs you can count on.  If you've noticed something out of sorts with your car, call us today and we'll help you schedule an appointment that's convenient for you.


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